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Frequently Asked Questions

Termite Questions
Carpenter Ant Questions

How can I tell if it’s a termite or an ant?
With the eye and help of a magnifying glass. When you look at an ant, there are three definite body segments. A termite has two. When they have wings, the ants will have four wings- two long two short. The termites will have four wings all the same length.

Is it a law that requires an inspection for the sale of my home?
There is no law in Georgia that requires a Wood Destroying Pest Inspection. An inspection is usually required by the new leader or mortgage holder. The sales agreement between buyer and seller identifies the inspection and gives direction. The escrow instructions also address the inspection. A house could be sold “as is”, but a new lender normally wants the house free of evidence of active infestation or infection in the visible accessible areas of the structure. State law normally requires seller to disclose any problems the house may have. Termites are to be included in this disclosure.

When should I have my house inspected if I am going to sell it?
The best time to have your house inspected is prior to agreeing on a sales price with a prospective buyer. Most agents typically wait until the house is in escrow before ordering the report. If you have budgeted for termite or fungus problems, you are alright. However, if you didn’t budget for these problems, the additional expenses could turn into a nightmare. Get a termite inspection before you negotiate a sales price. Call our office and our friendly staff will assist you in scheduling your free inspection.

Can I buy the chemicals and do it my self?
We don’t recommend that the public do any chemical applications. The labels on chemicals have directions for use, mixing, applications, disposal and warnings. Most people do not read the complete label. Leave the chemical applications to the professionals. We are licensed and have label reviews periodically and have continuing education to keep our licenses active and up to date. If you must apply something at home to kill the ants, spiders or other swarming flying insects, use Windex with ammonia, hair spray, or WD40. If you feel that you must apply some type of chemical, buy Boric acid, but please follow the instructions. It could mean your health.

The contractor or home inspector said I have termites.
The only inspector or company that can identify termites or other wood destroying infestations or infections must be licensed by Consumer Affairs - Structural Pest Control Board. Next time they tell you that, ask to see their license. All licensees must carry with them a copy of their license or pocket license.


How do termites get in my house and can I carry them in accidentally?
Subterranean termites in Georgia must live in the soil. They have no eyes and cannot expose themselves to the air or they will dry out and die…
Therefore, you cannot carry them into your home. Termites travel laterally from one food source to another. This is why when your neighbors house is attacked by termites it’s a good bet they will soon appear at your house.

If I remove the wood the termites are feeding on will that solve my problem?
No, think of the termites as a shark circling under your home. If you prevent him from reaching one area, he simply moves to the next area of opportunity. Termites need only 1/8 inch crack in the foundation to gain access to your home. Building tunnels made of mud (mud tubes) allows them to pass between wood boards and traverse large spans of concrete to reach wood source.

I see saw dust, is this a sign of termites?
No, when termites take a bite out of wood they swallow it. Saw dust is usually a sign of carpenter ants or could be a sign of Powder Post Beetles or Wood Boring Beetles.

I see lots of wings on the floor in the spring, is this a sign of termites?
Yes, termites reproduce in the spring and swarm to the surface to mate and fly away to another location and return to the soil. Re-locating their colonies is how some homes can stand for years and years before termites are active in the soil around their home.

Carpenter Ants

I see large black ants in the spring and some times throughout the summer and fall. Are these carpenter ants?
Yes, carpenter ants range in size but are generally described as large, black heavily built ants.

Do carpenter ants eat wood?
No, carpenter ants mine the wood to create tunnels for their nest. This mining process produces sawdust or frass. Some times the saw dust spills or is carried out of the infested wood within the wall voids or the wood timbers themselves. It looks like a lot of salt and pepper.

What is the best method of elimating carpenter ants?
Because these ants live inside of walls voids, our void injection system coupled with our prescription baiting program is used. The exterior is treated with our low dose, low toxicity prescription granular program.

After you eliminate the colony or colonies of carpenter ants infesting my home will they come back?
The answer is yes, maybe or not at all. What ever made your house attractive to the ants in first place is probably still there. Most homes are re-infested because they are still attractive to the ants.


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