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Selecting a Termite Treatment Company

Do not panic! In most cases, significant termite damage will not occur in a short period of time. But do not delay your decision indefinitely; damage has already started and termites will continue to cause damage.

Verify that the firm you select is a member of a pest management association such as Certified Pest Control Operators Association C.P.C.O. 770-682-5134 or Georgia Pest Control Association G.P.C.A. 770-417-1881.

Compare written proposals. Seek value, avoid making decisions based solely on price. For example, a firm which does a careful survey, and can (will) show you the pest, location and extent of damage before they quote a price is more apt to do an effective job than another. Make sure they are licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Last and maybe most importantly make sure the Pest Control Company you chose has currant insurance. Many people have taken a risk on a Pest Professional just because of price to find out when damage was found there was no insurance to pay for it and the person performing the work could not be found.



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